Forbidden Source by Mopiku
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Forbidden Source is a fantasy RPG in which you:

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  • Experience epic turn-based combats against other players.
  • Cast spectacular spells by drawing magic formulas on a screen.
  • Level up a hero and equip him with legendary items.
  • Raise and upgrade various buildings in your settlement.
  • Collect victory points to control the mysterious island.
  • Form a guild with friends to gain eternal glory.
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"[...] Forbidden Source digs a lot deeper into its cartoon visuals, and it has city-building elements to boot, so there's more to it than just clobbering others for loot."
"It's a great looking game with some interesting gameplay mechanics. The building and dueling gameplay of Forbidden Source should be perfect for handheld devices and the colorful, cartoony art style is very striking."
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